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Adusumilli SolarCiti Private Ltd., the leading all-in-one Solar Rooftop Power systems provider is looking for Business Partners in the state of Andhra Pradesh. If you have good entrepreneur skills and appetite for success and to grow big, contact us to become our exclusive territory partner and share the prosperity from solar power. We cultivate trust in our every endeavour and if you have what it takes it that way, you are the one we are looking for. We welcome you to join our network of Partners and be the pillars of solar roof top power business in Andhra Pradesh. If interested, please furnish the following information.

Partnership Opportunities

SolarCiti is a Highly Enjoyable and Profitable Partnership Opportunity operating within a sound marketplace.

We are a dynamic and exciting management franchise business which is a professional alternative to traditional businesses. The flexibility of this business allows for a thoroughly rewarding, friendly business

Who we are

SOLARCITI is a leading independent company specialising in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation and installation. We work with private homeowners, commercial premises, community organisations and public bodies in order to design and implement bespoke solutions to meet specific needs in each of these sectors.

The company employs fully trained professionals to survey, design and install the best quality Solar PV (photovoltaic) products from major manufacturers approved by MNRE all of which include a 25 year performance warranty.

SOLARCITI has accumulated a wealth of knowledge within the renewable energies and particularly the Photovoltaic industry, and Franchisees can expect to receive full training to benefit from SOLARCITI’s market experience.

How can you benefit from a SOLARCITI partnership?

It is often said that “if it is too good to be true, it probably is”. However, solar power is an exception to that rule. Here is a product that fulfils the aspirations for potential customers to actually contribute something positive to making the world a better place to live in both now and for the future by reducing carbon output. High energy costs, increasing legislation, government incentives and growing corporate social responsibility are all huge drivers for the increasing demand in solar energy.

This makes Solar PV an incredibly exciting market to be in, and one that we believe is set to grow significantly. For your guidance, this prospectus will offer you a guide through the initial steps and explain how being a part of the SOLARCITI brand will work for you.

Put Yourself in the Picture

    First Step – Following your initial enquiry we'll look together at the territory you are seeking and have an initial chat on the phone 1800 425 89999) or discuss via email

    Second Step – Come along and meet us and see the rest of the support team at HQ. At this confidential meeting you’ll get to see our operation at first hand, ask all the questions you want to ask and answer some of ours too. You’ll learn about the business advantages such as the fact that the operation is ‘cash flow positive’ on a regular basis.

    Third Step – If we decide together that SOLARCITI is right for you we will invite you to join us! You will attend a two day training and then we will come to you for a day to help you develop your business in the field. You will have all the tools you need to get your business known quickly in your area. We arrange and pay for advertising in your target constituency marketplace during the first few weeks and send out press releases to all local media contacts.

Primarily you will be running a business so we look for enthusiastic communicators with the ambition to grow a successful venture. You will be working full time to achieve something you can be proud of.

We’re really selective about whom we work with and we hope you are too.

SOLARCITI partners must be comfortable selling within a wide range of environments, from individual households through to businesses, charity organisations and property developers.

SOLARCITI will support your local marketing strategy and provide guidance in order to fully exploit the local market and generate leads and sales.

Partners must be able to meet the level of quality of service and product that SOLARCITI has established, and who want to provide solar installations that are second to none.

On-going Contact and Support

We have a robust franchise development template which is specifically designed to help partners increase turnover during all stages of their business. We are extremely proud and confident in the support and facilities we provide. There are members of the team all of whom specialise in different areas of the business. After your initial training, we guide you through the first 12 months working with you both in the field and remotely. We book in sessions in the diary together and run through your targets and progress on a regular basis. It is driven by you but always supported and guided by our team and of course your fellow partners are there too so you never feel alone. We don’t expect you to be an expert in every area and there will almost certainly be at least one part of the business you’ll need more assistance with such as sales and marketing, accounts or telephone technique. But don’t worry, help is always on hand. Because you are the IT department in your own business, we’ve made it easy for you by building an on-line data storage system and intranet which sounds a bit boring, so we’ve called it PIDO short for Partner Intranet Data Operator. Put simply, you can work on any PC or Laptop, anywhere in the world at any time of day or night. Teamwork Support comes from our network of franchisees too, and so there are lots of opportunities to get together with other like-minded folks like you.

First Impressions Count

There's nothing worse than getting an answering machine or a bad mobile phone line when you are contacting a business for the first time. Customers have a choice where to go and will very easily go to another company or hang up if they feel they are not getting the service they deserve. The SOLARCITI service is fantastic and superior to the competition, however, customers won’t know if they don’t get to talk to someone. Our system makes sure that every customer's experience is excellent, every time. Our unique Customer Contact Centre takes calls and messages from across the state of Andhra Pradesh so that when a SOLARCITI customer contacts us they get to talk to a real person who is friendly and knowledgeable. All our contact centre staff work at our own head office and take messages for you whilst you are busy with customers or driving. It's a genuine competitive advantage! Answered by our dedicated phone service gives your customers the very best.

We Get Social! Social Media support – SOLARCITI has a number of busy and highly engaged social media sites with a reach of thousands. It is a valuable and positive tool that markets every SOLARCITI business.

Investment & Rewards

Rather than set out theoretical projections, in line with best franchising practice we prefer to relate to actual track record. When you are making your decision about becoming a partner, we will provide, in confidence, detailed financial information based on up-to-date trading performance to assist with your business plan. Like any business, it will of course take time and effort to show a return on your investment. However, the SOLARCITI partnership offers a significant advantage over many other businesses. Its ‘cash flow positive’ trading position means that customers pay in advance and cash flow problems are completely avoided. You will benefit from a most enjoyable and rewarding business which will give you the perfect working model with lucrative ROI.


  1. Franchise Licence Fee
  2. Comprehensive Training Programme
  3. Operational Equipment
  4. Corporate apparel
  5. Marketing Material
  6. Merchandise and Email
  7. Territory Wall Map

*V.A.T. is applicable to the above.

We can discuss insurance requirements relating to your business during our initial meeting. Bank financing may be available, subject to status. Please call us for details.

Other requirements include:

  1. Computer (P.C not AppleMac)
  2. Mobile phone to be used for business purposes only.
  3. Basic office equipment
  4. Provision for working capital.


Here are a few things you'll want to know...

1. What experience will I need?

The only real requirement is that you are passionate about your venture. You will be keen to run your own business with a willingness to work hard and follow the system. This combination gives you the perfect ingredients to be a SOLARCITI partner!

2. Why is buying a franchise my best option?

The statistics bear out the advantages of the franchising model: up to half of all independent start-ups are widely said to fail within 12 months, and half again within a further two years; by contrast, less than 5% of franchise businesses suffer a similar fate annually, a figure that has remained consistent for many years. This combines with 91% of franchisees reporting profitability in the latest annual survey into franchising, a statistic which has stayed around 90% since the turn of the century.

This is the reason banks are far more likely to support a franchise than securing funds on your own. SOLARCITI has an excellent relationship with all major banks.

3. What makes SOLARCITI the best?

Aside from being the market leader with the biggest family of customers, employees and franchisees we have dedicated our work to supporting every individual in our team which makes for continued success. On top of that there are more reasons why you'll love working with SOLARCITI; not least because you'll be part of a network where you can share your experiences and questions with people who are doing exactly the same as you and their success makes your brand more valuable.

4. Does anyone get to be a SOLARCITI partner?

Absolutely not! Our franchisees are our business partners and their success is our success. In fact, we put so much effort into your business that we work with you constantly to make sure our investment in you is a wise one. We always meet with every applicant face to face so we can get to know you and find out what it is you want to achieve. Only the individuals with a professional attitude that we feel are capable, enthusiastic and will benefit the SOLARCITI brand will be sent an offer letter inviting them to join our team.

5. How long will I be SOLARCIITI partner for?

The SOLARCITI partnership agreement is renewable every 5 years. The longer you have had to establish a client base and build up your turnover the more valuable your asset will be. You will also pay an amount monthly for the marketing fund and customer contact centre.

6. Do I get my own website?

Yes, part of your package includes your own page which we update regularly for you with photos and events as well as other local businesses you might pal up with.

7. What about Facebook & Twitter?

SOLARCITI loves being social and we have hundreds of people regularly interacting with us on-line. We create loads of great content to share and you can help too by taking photos of your happy customers. It's great information for people looking to use your services and works well as a marketing tool.

8. What are my annual costs to SOLARCITI?

You get exclusive use of the SOLARCITI system and brand in your territory including all the business support and benefits of being part of a state network all for ...% of your turnover paid monthly.

9. What's next for the SOLARCITI brand?

Well, never say never – we already have offers for related solar products from the manufacturers to market through our network. More to come for the benefit of all of us.

10. What technology do I need to start and run my business?

You’ll need a good broadband connection, a business laptop and smartphone. iPad too, if you prefer

11. Will I get an ‘Exclusive Territory’?

Yes, you do. The partnership license allows you to operate the SOLARCITI brand in your agreed territory defined as constituency. It is renewable every 5 years.

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